Hot Rolled MS Sheets/Strips

SunRax Steel manufactures Hot Rolled (HR) coils at its state-of-the-art Hot Strip Mills (HSM), at Ludhiana.

HSM at SunRax Works has capacity of 3.6 MPTA which uses a combination of the advanced Conarc Process and Thin Slab Casting technology, facilitating the production of HR coils. Due to their thinner gauges and finer surface quality, these are often superior to commercial grade cold rolled (CR) coils and may substitute for CR products in certain applications. The convenient coastal location of SunRax unit facilitates easy access to plant and makes the import and export of raw materials and finished good extremely cost effective.

Salient Features

  • Range of HR products: Thickness upto 25.4mm, Width upto 2050mm and Coil Weight upto 36mt.
  • Ultra-Low Carbon for IF & IFHS grade and Dual Phase steel requiring divide quench cooling for critical automobile applications
  • One of the very few manufacturers in the world to manufacture X70 grade up to 20mm thickness for Line Pipe applications
  • Higher reduction in finishing stands with transfer bar thickness up to 55mm
  • Level2 coiling temperature control to achieve desired cooling pattern and rates for control of micro-structure

Hot Rolled Cut to Length

Product Specification
Product Range CTL 5 CTL 6 CTL 7
Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum
Thickness (mm) 8 25.4 1.2 6 2.5 10
Width (mm) 900 2050 900 1600 900 2050
Length (mm) 1500 12000 1000 13000 1000 13000
Bundle Weight (tons) 6 15 15
Capacity (tons/annum) 350000 170000 250000
Yield Strength

YS: ≤450Mpa & TS: ≤590Mpa
(8.0-25.4mm) x (900-2050mm)

YS: 450-600Mpa & TS: 590-800Mpa
(8.0-20.0mm) x (1000-2050mm)
(20-22.0mm) x (1000-1600mm)

900 550
Tensile Strength 1100 900