Cold Rolled MS Sheets/Strips

Cold Rolled steel strip is highly engineered steel made from hot rolled steel coils. Cold Rolling process changes the mechanical properties of steel allowing to meet forming and bending operations as well as to get good surface finish. Cold Rolled strip is produced by further processing hot rolled steel strip.

What is cold rolled steel used for?

Cold rolled steel, sometimes abbreviated to CRS, is well-known for being an extremely ductile material, and is ideal for applications where precision is necessary. It is used in many applications, like household appliances, furniture, lockers, and filing cabinets.

Cold-rolled steel strips are a type of steel product that is processed through a cold reduction or cold rolling process. This process involves passing steel through a series of rollers at room temperature to reduce its thickness and improve its surface finish. Here are some key characteristics and uses of cold-rolled steel strips:

  1. Improved Surface Finish: Cold rolling smoothens the surface of the steel, resulting in a finer and more polished appearance compared to hot-rolled steel. This makes it suitable for applications where aesthetics are important.
  2. Tighter Tolerances: Cold-rolled steel is produced with tighter dimensional tolerances, which means it can be manufactured to precise thicknesses and widths. This is crucial in applications where precise dimensions are required.
  3. Strength and Durability: Cold-rolled steel tends to have higher strength and hardness compared to hot-rolled steel. It is often used in applications requiring high strength and durability, such as automotive parts and appliances.
  4. Stiffness: Cold-rolled steel strips are known for their stiffness and rigidity, which makes them suitable for structural and load-bearing applications.
  5. Variety of Alloys: Cold-rolled steel strips are available in various alloy compositions, allowing for customization to meet specific requirements for corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and other properties.


Common applications for cold-rolled steel strips include:

  • Automotive components: Cold-rolled steel is used for making parts like chassis, body panels, and suspension components due to its strength and formability.
  • Appliances: It is used in the manufacturing of household appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, and washing machines.
  • Construction: Cold-rolled steel can be used in the construction industry for framing and structural components.
  • Electronics: It is utilized in the production of electronic enclosures and components.
  • Packaging: Cold-rolled steel can be used for packaging, including making metal cans and containers.
  • Furniture: Some furniture components are made from cold-rolled steel due to its aesthetic appeal and durability.